Treated FOAM Furniture

Unique Foam Coated Furniture!

My supplier specialise in the design and manufacture of unique foam-coated furniture. Their fresh, innovative and impactful designs can be used across a huge variety of sectors, are made from robust, recyclable materials, and offer something very different to traditional furniture.

They took a material – foam – that has traditionally been used only beneath the surface... and we turned it inside out!

Taking a single block of foam, their design team precision cuts the desired shape and sculpts them into incredible, seamless designs.

They then cover the whole thing in a multi-layered spray coating, creating pieces of furniture that are astonishingly versatile, incredibly durable, and supremely comfortable, all designed to fit whatever space you’re filling. With a wide choice of colours and shapes available, my supplier offers something completely different to traditional furniture.

Their bespoke design and manufacturing facilities enables them to work closely with architects and designers to create beautiful, custom-made concepts, enabling our clients to fill inviting, exciting, and interactive spaces, with spectacular furniture.


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