About abuzz interior solutions

Working as an experienced, independent Sales Agent and adviser , I provide a ‘one stop shop’ and personal ‘search engine’ link to a wide variety of manufacturers and service suppliers within the commercial interiors and furniture sector. I represent and work closely with a handful of trusted trade suppliers, highlighted and featured on my website, but I have networks in place to find solutions to most enquiries in this field.

I have represented a mixture of manufacturers and dealers in the office and commercial furniture / interiors for the past 26 years, and have naturally gained a wealth of experience and network of contacts within this time.

I have been co-running and co-directing a successful commercial furniture and interiors business, X2 Furniture, for the past 5 years but decided that I needed to add further value to my client base, utilising my experience as an independent sales agent, to find cost effective solutions, by linking clients directly to manufacturers and service providers.

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I appreciate and understand that all of my current and potential clients are extremely busy and can ill afford valuable time searching for quality, reliable products and services and that is where I come into play for them; they provide me with the ‘brief’ or requirement and I help them to find the solution/s.